HC: Nola The Nurse & Friends Explore The Holi Fest Hardcover

By A DrNurse Publishing House


Nola loves being a nurse. And not just any nurse, but a nurse practitioner, just like her mommy. Nola helps all the dolls of her friends stay healthy and safe. But she’s not alone. Nola’s trusty friends include the superhero nurse practitioner Bax, the expert midwife Maddi, and the special nurse Charo. Nola is thrilled when her friends of Indian heritage, Anita and Adar, introduce her to the Holi Festival, or Festival of Colors. Nola and her nurse friends have a blast throwing colored water and powder on each other and eating Indian food. Yet trouble lurks. Anita’s doll, Lady, and Adar’s doll, Clint, are fevered and sick! Can Nola and friends save Lady and Clint and keep the joy of Holi alive? Nola the Nurse & Friends Visit the Holi Festival is a fun tale that inspires children to understand the beauty of nursing and the joys of exploring different cultures.


This is the HARDCOVER version.

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