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Nola The Nurse, She's On The Go, Volume One, receives a FOUR Star review from Readers' Favorite

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4 stars.
Reviewed By Micaela Alpert for Readers’ Favorite Nola the Nurse: She's On The Go by Dr. Scharmaine L Baker is about a little girl Nola, and her adventures with her mother, who is a nurse. In the beginning of the story, Nola is playing with her dog and trying to out bandages on him. She is playing nurse. Her mother is a nurse, so Nola decides to let her dog be, and follow her mom around while her mom helps sick people. Today, Nola is going with her mom to people's homes, and helping people who can't be transported to the hospital. After several of those visits, Nola decides to go home and play nurse to fix all her friends' dolls up. Nola the Nurse is a great book for young children to read, even those who don't know what they want to be when they grow up. Young children will definitely like this story, and I hope this book ends up in children's bookstores and many schools. This book has a picture on every other page, which will attract a little one's attention and stop them from losing interest in this book. I really liked this book because Dr. Baker wrote it to be culturally sensitive to African-American nurses, which is also why it is a great book for young children because teaching them to be culturally sensitive at a young age is very important. I believe that this book has many reasons why it is great, and I hope that young readers think so too.
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