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Nola The Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina receives FIVE star Review from Readers’ Favorite


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5 stars! 
Reviewed By Chris Fischer for Readers’ Favorite

In a delightful and engaging children’s book about a difficult and scary period of time, the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina, Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina by author Scharmaine Baker is a wonderful new addition to the field of children’s literature. In it, we find our titular character, Nola, a little girl who dreams of becoming a nurse practitioner, just like her mother. Nola loves to care for her dolls and pretend she is a nurse. She and her mother discuss Hurricane Katrina and its aftermath, and her mother, Dr. Eden, talks about how she and her friends helped to fix dolls and toys that had been damaged in the storm, and then returned them to the children they belonged to.

Nola the Nurse Remembers Hurricane Katrina is a book that deals with a subject that may be scary for children, especially those who remember Katrina or who have been through similar natural disasters, and it is an excellent resource for parents to have a jumping off point to discuss such issues with them in a non-scary way. The illustrations are wonderful and Nola is a spunky and fun character. Author Scharmaine Baker and illustrator Marvin Alonso have reason to be proud of this book. This book is a part of a series featuring Nola in the She’s On the Go series, and I can definitely see a child wanting to collect all of these books. This is a charming book about dealing with the aftermath of a very tough time, and it is highly recommended to any parent looking for a great resource in talking with their children about these situations.

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