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Nola The Nurse featured in the Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson newsletter

When kids think about the future, they often dream about pursuing a heroic career – being a fireman, becoming an astronaut or running for president. Nurse practitioner and children’s book author, Dr. Scharmaine L. Baker, DNP, FNP-BC, FAANP, believes there is no reason why kids shouldn’t dream about becoming a different kind of hero, a nurse practitioner.
3_New_Characters (1) It is an extreme honor and privilege to be featured in this month's Nursing Notes by Johnson & Johnson newsletter. Johnson & Johnson has embraced Nola the Nurse for her cultural sensitivity and drive to be a nurse practitioner like her mom. It's the first children's book to ever prominently feature advanced practice nurses (APNs). 00001_SCHA_CS_02_BAX nolanursecoverrevised2 (2) (1)
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